Something in the air…

There is something about Autumn flicks a switch in my brain and engages full domestic goddess mode. I don’t get it at any other time of year but something about the nights drawing in, the chill in the air and the leaves turning amber that makes me reach for the recipe books and my pinnie.

It’s not been unusual in the past fortnight to find me in the kitchen cooking up a storm, 2 or 3 dishes on the go at once or coming home from the gym at 8 and thinking I’ll just make some soup before bed. Speaking of soup, why am I suddenly so fascinated by soup? I printed 10 recipes off the internet last week and intend to work my way through every one of them over the coming weeks.

I love cooking at the best of times but Autumn sets off some kind of soup kitchen, feeding an army, stocks for the winter pre hibernation frenzy, leaving no pan un-used, no surface bare and the slow cooker working overtime.

The results of my latest cook-a-thon to follow…


One thought on “Something in the air…

  1. Hi Katy-Marie, very much looking forward to reading your soup recipies, I don’t make enough soup! Actually, I am looking forward to reading all of your blog, you sound very similar to me with a love of handmade and home grown.
    Catherine x

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