Exciting new project!!

It’s been a few weeks since my last post as I’ve been super busy with the house and my HR diploma. The clocks have gone back and what a difference it makes to my energy levels, sleepy is my middle name at the moment. But an exciting new project has got me all fired up for the New Year (yes I know, I said New Year and its November but I’m writing November and December off until my diploma is finished!).

What is it? I hear you cry…..drum roll…. It’s the “Love What You Wear” project started by a lovely fellow Bristolian called Morwhenna – see blog here… http://thelovewhatyouwearproject.blogspot.co.uk/ officially it runs from 1st November 2012 to 1st November 2013.

So basically, the rules are- no buying any NEW clothes for a year, that’s no going to any shop that sells new clothes and buying any, not one, nickers and shoes are the exception (but with my recent boot bargain on ebay I may even stretch to no new shoes too). You are allowed to buy clothes from second hand shops, ebay, boot sales etc and you can swap, share  and upcycle what you already have or make new from sustainable materials (either recycled fabric or organic/ fair trade). Creativity and experimentation is a must and mistakes are very much ok.

Why is this so exciting? Well, I love a challenge first and foremost and this will encourage me to use the skills I have, learn new skills be more creative. Seeing things with new eyes can be a wonderful revelation!  I LOVE charity shop shopping and this is a great excuse to go (not that I ever need an excuse). Also I have a pile of clothes, consisting of at least two skirts, four tops, one shirt, 6 pairs of jeans , one pair of trousers and three coats that all need sprucing up by altering, mending, dying and accessorising and I’ve been meaning to do it for ages, what a great feeling to have all those clothes made into something new.

There are 18 of us and counting taking part in the project, what a brilliant thing to have joined 18 people together over a common idea and share it with so many others through our blogs and social networks. I’m hoping to make some new friends and meet lots of new interesting and creative people through the project.

Also, there’s an ethical stance to this project which really appeals to me and that’s as a challenge to the prevailing culture of throw away fashion. I’m talking about new clothes that are relatively cheap, made from fabric that won’t stand the test of a washing machine too many times, made by cheap labour and poorly constructed for time efficiency that people wear for a season and then throw them out, or if they reach the charity shop, they’re the ones on the rails all bobbly, flimsy and faded. What a waste!  Proper clothes, well-constructed made of quality material will last for years and once it’s finished its life as a garment it can be recycled into something else and I believe that’s a much more sustainable and generally lovely way of doing things. Not to mention keeping important useful skills alive but I’ll get off my soap box now.

So…. To seal the deal, let’s set some goals….

Things I want to make/learn:

  • Alteration techniques
  • Apron – full size and half size with zip pockets.
  • Skirt
  • Shirt
  • Tea dress
  • Party dress
  • Fabric printing techniques
  • How to knit properly
  • Knit a scarf and hat
  • Knit fingerless gloves
  • How to crochet
  • Accessories for clothes like fabric flowers
    Inspiration for the project, crafty books and shin buttons
  • Frilly knickers!

By the end of the project I want to:

  • Have cleared the pile of clothes that I’ve collected to alter
  • Made a skirt, shirt, tea dress, party dress.
  • Feel really confident in my sewing skills
  • Knitted scarf, hat and fingerless gloves.
  • Made a bunch of new friends
  • Have an beautifully unique feminine wardrobe